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: Martin Wildy


: January - June (2019 Season starts 01/13/2019)


: State College YMCA [Opens in New Window] 677 W.Whitehall Rd, State College, PA
(YMCA on Google Maps [Opens in New Window])

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: Sunday morning 10:30-noon

Equipment Needed

  1. Sneakers
  2. Athletic Shorts
  3. Tee-Shirt

Special Olympics Basketball offers a series of adaptations of FIBA rules that are optional when conducting team competitions. Some of these adaptations include adjusting the length of the game, allowing a player to take two steps beyond what is ruled by FIBA as travelling, allowing the free throw shooter 10 seconds to release the ball, enforcing a rule that allows only five seconds of closely guarded play in front court, and rewarding two free throws beginning with the seventh team foul in each half.


  • 5 v. 5 Basketball
  • 3 v. 3 Basketball
  • Speed Dribble
  • Individual Skills Contest
  • Team Skills Basketball
  • Unified Sports® Basketball

View the complete Special Olympics Basketball Rules [Opens in New Window]