SOCCER (Football)

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: John Marsden


: August - November
The 2016 season will begin on September 11th. Practices are from 1:00-2:30 at the fields in Orchard Park on Bayberry Drive. Practices are on the events calendar.


: Corner of Westerly Parkway and Blue Course Dr behind the Young Scholars School
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: Sunday afternoons 1:00-2:30pm

Equipment Needed

  1. Sneakers
  2. Athletic Shorts

Special Olympics Soccer during traditional 11-aside and Unified® Soccer matches follow FIFA rules. However, the length of halves, substitution and overtime rules are defined by each Special Olympics Program organization. In 5-Aside and 7-Aside Soccer matches, some rule variations are: kick-ins from the touch line, throw-ins by the goalie, throw-ins by goalies cannot touch the other side of the half field until touched by a player first, and there are no off-sides.


  • Individual Skills
  • 5-Aside: Traditional and Unified Sports®
  • 7-Aside: Traditional and Unified Sports®
  • 11-Aside: Traditional and Unified Sports®

View the complete Special Olympics Soccer Rules [Opens in New Window]