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Team Coach

: Glenn Hunter

Skills Coach

: Jo Pratt


: April - August
UPDATE: Remaining 2016 practices on Sundays at Orchard Park. 5:30-7:30PM


: Orchard Park, 1060-1106 Bayberry Dr. State College, PA
(Orchard Park on Google Maps [Opens in New Window])

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: Sunday
Minor Team 1:30-2:30
Major Team 2:30-4:30

Equipment Needed

  1. Sneakers
  2. Athletic Shorts or Pants (no jeans)
  3. Softball Glove

Special Olympics Softball has some modifications to the rules of the International Softball Federation. All batters and runners must wear a helmet with a chinstrap at all times. The catcher also wears a helmet with a mask and a chest protector. At first base, a safety orange bag is attached. There are also two home plates used. The runner will tag the outside plate, where the catcher receives throws at the original home plate. All outs at home are force outs for safety reasons. Pitching distances will range for each pitcher, rather than just one distance.


  • Individual Skills
  • Slow Pitch Competition: Traditional and Unified Sports®

View the complete Special Olympics Softball Rules [Opens in New Window]