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: Tim Fritton


: August - November
The 2019 season will start on 4 August. 3-4:30 through August. 1-2:30 after. Practices are on the events calendar. Download the schedule here [Opens in New Window].


: State College YMCA [Opens in New Window] 677 W.Whitehall Rd, State College, PA
(YMCA on Google Maps [Opens in New Window])

Villanova Volleyball 2017


: Sunday afternoons
  • All Athletes: 3:00-4:30 pm in August. 1-2:30 Sept-Nov

Equipment Needed

  1. Sneakers
  2. Athletic Shorts
  3. Knee Pads (optional)

Volleyball players need to acquire a few basic skills, learn a few rules, and require very little equipment. Competitions follow FIVB rules with minor modifications which include changes to court size, net height, and volleyball weight and size. Additionally, once a server has scored three consecutive points, his/her team shall rotate to the next server and continue to serve.


  • Standard Indoor
  • Modified Indoor
  • Individual Skills
  • Unified Sports® Indoor

View the complete Special Olympics Volleyball Rules [Opens in New Window]